• Eduardo Barbosa Bessa

Praetor 600 Delivery Support

In Sepetember 2019, Executive Aviation Consulting in cooperation with RUAG MRO International supported the customer for the acceptance process of the first Praetor 600 in Germany. I am really impressed with this new EMBRAER model. It is by far the best in class.

With four passengers and NBAA IFR Reserves, the Praetor 600 has an intercontinental range of 4,018 nm at long-range cruise speed or more than 3,700 nm at Mach .80 from runways as short as 4,436 feet. This oustanding performance associated with the luxury of the high quality finished interior makes the Praetor unbeatable on its class.

The German customer was really pleased with the services provide by Executive Aviation Consulting and Ruag MRO to help him to protect such a valuable asset.


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