• Eduardo Barbosa Bessa

Executive Aviation supports Another Delivery of Legacy 500

Executive Aviation Consulting supported delivery of first Legacy 500 to operate in Malaysia. Eduardo Bessa followed the entire manufacturing process closely.

Without leaving Malaysia, the client was able to follow the aircraft in the production line through detailed reports issued along the assembly process. By carrying periodic visits to the plant, the Executive Aviation Consulting role is to always check that the aircraft assembly is according to the specifications, thus making sure no undesirable surprises will arise at time of delivery.

Skilled consulting is essential to ensure smooth and straightforward delivery. Besides the physical inspection, all aircraft documentation is checked so that operators won't face any issues with their local authority.

"His attention to detail, intimate knowledge of the aircraft and most importantly, his tremendous reach within Embraer corporate structure allowed us to achieve things that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible. In short, he delivered more than promised" , commented Capt. Hirman Salleh

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