• Eduardo Barbosa Bessa

Legacy 650E exceeds the expectations

Lately I had the opportunity to support Air Hamburg during the inspection process of its second Legacy 650E jet, at Embraer plant in São José dos Campos.

Having worked over 10 years in Embraer's executive jet delivery, I was aware of the expectations as to delivery process and aircraft quality. Nevertheless, I was positively surprised.

Firstly, the excellent quality of passenger’s cabin. The restyled seats in genuine leather and a differentiated sewing pattern are a highlight. The interior appearance not only fits new fashion and luxury style; changes also added the seats improved comfort and robustness.

Secondly, the quality of the aircraft exterior finish resulting from the improvements implemented to the Embraer paint booth that underwent rebuilding; currently aircraft painting is carried out by robots. The result is a flawless finish, something amazing for a supermidsize jet such as Legacy 650E.

Unquestionably I state this is the best aircraft I’ve ever seen as far as painting is concerned. Daniel Hohlfeld, Technical Director of Air Hamburg, has wide expertise in jets by various manufacturers and shares my opinion.

And ultimately, the proactive attitude and customer care by the delivery team are worth mentioning. The few items identified were duly recorded in pictures on an iPad and, following repair, were submitted for final acceptance by electronic means, without requiring any paper thus creating a report for customer’s records. Practical, fast and effective.

Congratulations to Air Hamburg for selecting the Legacy 650E and to Embraer for the continuous improvement in their processes and product.

Eduardo Bessa, Founder of Executive Aviation Consulting

About Air Hamburg

One of Europe's largest providers of executive aviation, Air Hamburg has been in the aviation industry since 2001. With its headquarters in Germany, the company has a fleet of 23 private jets and is the Legacy 650E launch customer.

About Legacy 650E

Embraer unveiled the Legacy 650E, an updated version of Legacy 650 executive jet, in October 2016. Featuring technological and automation upgrades, the aircraft, which already has an excellent operating cost and the largest passenger cabin in its class, now also has a 10-year warranty or 10,000 flight hours, something unprecedented in the industry.

With restyled seats, the Legacy 650E fits a spacious cabin split into three environments for added privacy, plus a unique option of dedicated crew lavatory located at the front of the cabin.

The sophistications in the jet cockpit include: a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) as part of Honeywell's latest Primus Elite Advanced Features (PEAF) avionics package, which also fits Airborne Collision Avoidance System and XM-ground-based weather information overlapping the moving map, thus increasing the situational alert for pilots. As a FEAP supplement, the Legacy 650E will also have autothrottles as standard equipment, thus raising the level of automation and reducing the crew workload. These technologies complement the proven Legacy 650E avionics system, which meets the ever strictest requirements of the next generation of airspace control.

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