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The Eduardo Bessa’s Trajectory in the Executive Aviation

For Eduardo Bessa, founder of Executive Aviation Consulting, aviation has driven his entire professional history. With 18 years of experience in the aviation industry, the mechanical engineer spent most of his career at Embraer, by attending customers from around the world in hundreds of commercial transactions.

It all started when Eduardo Bessa participated in a screening process for new talents at Embraer in 1999. He was hired in the Quality area and three years later he joined the Legacy Program, Embraer's first project intended to the executive jet market.

In his new assignment Eduardo had the opportunity to address the various steps of production and delivery process of an aircraft, through interaction with engineering, production and commercial departments. After three years in that program, Eduardo took a new challenge: working in the commercial area of ​​executive aviation.

He spent 10 years dealing with sales agreements, delivery and customer service, to assure the aircraft buyers’ demands and requirements were thoroughly met. The expertise acquired along that time led him to accept a proposal to actuate in the ​​Product Strategy area of the executive jet division.

Unlike the commercial aviation, frequently the executive aviation customer doesn’t have the technical knowledge required to handle the complex process of acquiring an airplane, and thus he shall rely on specialized consulting. Eduardo then saw an opportunity and his passion for the executive aviation encouraged him to make a daring decision: leaving Embraer, the company that hosted him for nearly two decades and investing in his own consulting business.

With unique knowledge acquired along his years of experience in different areas at Embraer, Eduardo Bessa manages all details involved in acquiring a jet. From contractual issues to delivery and aircraft suitability to the operating requirements in different countries, he is able to identify the best choice for every client.

With a count of over 300 aircraft deliveries in his curriculum, from entry level to large cabin category, he has also specialized in attending a wide range of customer profiles. These are buyers from different countries and diverse sociocultural profiles.

His expertise in consultancy lets him get a close look at the customer’s expectations, thus helping the customer make the best purchasing decision, by evaluating the portfolio of manufacturers all over the world and customizing the choice of the aircraft and optional equipment as per buyer's usage profile. An aircraft is an asset of high added value, thus the importance to entrust acquisitions to an expert. There isn’t a single pattern that meets all requirements and consequently client needs to be given proper guidance.

The Executive Aviation Consulting arose from the market needs, currently served by a few experts in the world. Eduardo Bessa is among those experts. He is a professional with a career permeated by passion for the aircraft and the desire to offer a unique and high standard servicing.

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